"DylanRadio.com" is a streaming webcast that plays nothing but music by, or inspired by, or related to, Columbia Records artist, singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.



My name is Pete, but my username is "Walrus"



I'm based out of the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada (eh).



We stream via a Nullsoft ShoutCast server, from the creators of WinAmp



Because I believe Bob Dylan is the greatest contemporary songwriter of the 20th, and arguably the 21st century.I want to enrich the listening pleasure of current fans, and introduce new fans to the work of this consummate entertainer.



You can contact me in several ways...


Email: †††††††††††††††††††††††† dj@dylanradio.com

Facebook Page:†††††††††† http://www.facebook.com/DylanRadio

Facebook Group:†††††††† http://www.facebook.com/groups/dylanradio/


Snail Mail:††††††††††††††††††† DYLANRADIO.COM

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† c/o Pete Freckelton

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1153 Lakewood Rd, Unit 2

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Keddy's Corner, Nova Scotia

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† B4N 3V7, CANADA


NOTE ABOUT DONATIONS: Please make any checks payable to ďPete FreckeltonThis site is run by just liíl olí me, not a big dot-com corporation with its own bank account.




DylanRadio.com Frequently Asked Questions:



What is this site, anyway?!

"DylanRadio.com" is an internet radio station featuring music, live concerts, interviews, covers and radio programs by, or inspired by, singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.


What's "internet radio?"

Unlike mainstream, terrestrial radio, Internet radio stations broadcast via the internet to your computer or mobile internet device.You can tune in to DylanRadio.com with almost any internet-enabled device, including the iPhone and iPod Touch.


How do I tune in?

We provide two ways for you to tune into the webcast.For best sound quality you can tune in with whatever media player you already have, as long as it supports mp3 and PLS-style playlists.That includes WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player and the free Media Player Classic.Just click on the big "Tune in with your media player" link, and if you're prompted to open or save the file, just click open.In a few cases, you may need to browse for the program you want to use.


If you don't have a media player, or just want a quick alternative, you can also tune in with our Flash-powered web-player.The sound quality isn't as good, but it's pretty solid.The flash player opens in a popup window, so if you run a popup-blocker, you'll have to allow this popup.


How do I tune in with my phone?

We recommend the TuneIn Radio App which is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android or Blackberry.Just open the app, search for "Dylan" and you'll find DylanRadio.com!


         Download for iPhone/iPod Touch

         Download for Android

         Download for Blackberry


DylanRadio Lingo:

Regular users of the site have developed their own lingo, so here's the definitions of some terms you might see on the site...

DR = DylanRadio

Shoutbox or Box = The chat area on the front page of the website.

Ded = A song dedication

Songpool or Pool = The massive list of songs available for request


Why do you ask for donations?

Because it costs money to keep this site running, and I frankly canít afford to do it, so I depend on your generosity to help me pay the bandwidth & server bills.I also want to keep the site entirely non-profit, because I deeply respect Bob Dylan, and I donít want to make a living off of his work.


I have to say this about donations, though:I donít know if itís unique to our audience, or if itís just Bob Dylan fans in general, but the listeners of DylanRadio.com (aka YOU) have been so tremendously faithful in helping out.Every time weíve had a need, people like you have made it possible.As your support has increased, weíve been able to upgrade things around here to give you a better listening experience.So, bottom line: You folks are the absolute BEST!


For a one-time donation, feel free to snail mail a check or money-order (cash is a little risky, but you can do that too), but if you want to become a regular patron of DylanRadio.com and keep us online, please visit our Patreon page and donate there!Even if you canít afford to donate, you can still help out by clicking on the little advertisement links that appear in a few places around the site.They donít add up to much, but every little bit helps.


Are there other ways I can help?

You bet!There are lots of ways you can get involved and help keep the site running.For starters, we'd love to have your input on the forums, so be sure to register for an account.There's also many other ways you can spread the word about DylanRadio.com, and here's just a few:


         If you have a website, link to us!You can even cut-n-paste some ready-made code into your html featuring one of several buttons.Click here for more info.

         If you use discussion forums, you can add a cool, dynamic image to your signature that lets folks know what you're listening to on the webcast.

         Join our Facebook Page and then invite all your friends!Itís a great way to connect with other fans of the webcast, and I post news of upcoming events there.

         Add the DylanRadio.com Facebook app to your Facebook profile, and invite some of your Facebook friends!

         Follow us on Twitter and get news on upcoming events, etc.

         If you have a blog, why not write a post about us?Let me know you did it, and I'll even link back to you.


Advertising on the webcast:

DylanRadio.com is a non-profit site, so I donít sell advertising like regular radio stations, but Iím always willing to work with anyone who helps to keep the site running.We advertise for EPCUSA.ca, for example, because they graciously donated our web-server.If youíre interested in advertising on DylanRadio.com, please email me at ads@dylanradio.com, and Iím sure we can arrange some kind of barter.


Why can't I hear anything?

Did you check the battery of your hearing-aid?Seriously, though, it's hard to say what's up.First do the obvious: play an mp3 or other sound file to make sure that your computer is ready to play music. Check the website news and make sure I'm not doing any wacky maintenance or something.Check the Shoutbox, and if others are complaining about no sound then, chances are, something's up on my end.Try your own media player, and if that doesn't work try the flash-player, and if that doesn't work go post a question on the forums to see if anyone can help.


I do everything I can to make the webcast as accessible as possible, but I can't troubleshoot everyone's computer.All I can do is make sure it's working for most people.If youíre having problems, check the forums (specifically, the bug-report thread) and see if someoneís had a similar problem with a solution.You can try emailing me, but I make no guarantees.


When is Theme Time on?

Since the webcast is based out of my home in Nova Scotia, Canada, all schedule time are Atlantic Time (GMT -0400).Old episodes of Theme Time play at Noon and 3am Atlantic (11am & 2am Eastern).Check the schedule at the bottom of the main page for additional times for other programming like live concerts or the Dreamtime podcast.


Do you know or work for Bob?

Nope, never met him.I'm not affiliated with Bob Dylan, Columbia, Sony, XM Radio, or anyone else in the music industry in any way.I'm just a dedicated fan who wants to see more people introduced to the past, present, and future creative works of this consummate entertainer.


How do I request a song?

It's easy!All you do is click on the "Request Songs" link on the main menu, or type in something to search for, and you'll be taken to a list of available songs.Just click on the "Request" button next to the song title, and a pop-up window will either tell you your request was successful and give you the opportunity to dedicate your song (optional), or the pop-up window will tell you why your request wasn't successful.Common errors are making too many requests too quickly, or that the song has already played recently, but with thousands of songs to choose from, errors are relatively rare.I try to play everyone's requests but PLEASE REMEMBER that this is a radio station, not a jukebox.Successfully requesting a song doesn't guarantee it will play, or when.


Why did I get a request error? What are the limits?

The request system is entirely automated, I'm not involved at all (mostly), and there are limits in place to give everyone an equal opportunity to make and hear their requests (as well as prevent any one user from monopolizing the airplay).


         There is a variable songs-per-day limit on every user (usually 20)

         There's also a wait period between consecutive requests (usually 5 mins).

         There's a 12-hour delay enforced before a particular track can be replayed, and a 60 minute delay for the song-title (any version), and 30 minute delay for multiple tracks of the same album.


These limits are constantly being tweaked for best performance and availability for all users.Most folks don't even notice the limits, and they ensure a great, balanced mix for everyone.


How do I download songs?

You don't.While it's true that "DylanRadio.com" is an "underground" webcast(in the sense that I don't have any formal relationship or sanction from Columbia/Sony-BMG), I have no desire to promote piracy, especially of Bob Dylan's work.I invite you to listen to the music in hopes that you will support Bob and his record label by purchasing his CDs and/or other creative works.


The webcast itself compresses all the music, so anyone trying to record from the stream will be sorely disappointed with the quality, not to mention the station plugs and cross-fades.If you like the music, and want to encourage Bob to keep making more, then go buy some CDs.


How do I add songs to the songpool?

You can snail-mail me a CD or use an online file-sharing system (Google Drive, Dropbox for example), but I can no longer offer any upload service since most of these files are of a "underground" nature.


I have another question...

This FAQ is always work in progress, but if you have a question that needs answering, please feel free to email questions@dylanradio.com, or ask one of our moderators, ďWilburĒ & ďLaughsLikeTheFlowers,Ē or just try asking one to the regulars in the shoutbox.





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