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Song Title: Rock Me Mama Buy CD!
Artist: Bob Dylan [Visit artist website]
Album: Genuine Bootleg Series Volume 1

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Bob Dylan
Genuine Bootleg Series
Manufacturer: Scorpio
Catalog No. 94-14-01/02/03

Released: 1994 ; Re-release 1999

This incredible 3 CD set is packed full of outtakes and live performances spanning 3 decades of Dylan's career. A lot of the material circulates on tape, LP, and/or other CD releases; but this first rate package is a great collection of them all in one place. While not as nice as having the complete set of outtakes of each venue package together, still; for a compilation type of package... (think of the official Bootleg series 1-3) other than the silk screen on the discs themselves, this series is hard to match. Each disc contains four macaws that don't relate to anything Dylan. The package includes the 3 CDs, each in a separate and unique black and white cardboard sleeve. All packed in a glossy full color cardboard photo box. Included is a booklet that lists tracks along with the venues, dates, and wonderful vintage photos. A true labor of love package. Part 1 of a series that also includes 2 & 3.

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Disc 1:
d1t01 - Black Cross
d1t02 - I Was Young When I Left Home
Minnesota Hotel Tape, 12/22/61

d1t03 - Ballad For A Friend
Leeds Demo, 1/62

d1t04 - Hero Blues
d1t05 - Whatcha Gonna Do?
Freewheelin' outtakes, 12/6/62

d1t06 - Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Witmark demo, 12/62

d1t07 - Milk Cow Blues
Freewheelin' outtake, 4/24/62

d1t08 - Rocks And Gravel
Freewheelin' test pressing, 11/13/62

d1t09 - You've Been Hiding Too Long
Town Hall, 4/12/63

d1t10 - Farewell
d1t11 - Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Witmark demos, 12/63-1/64

d1t12 - That's All Right Mama/Sally Free And Easy
d1t13 - Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
Another Side sessions, 6/9/64

d1t14 - You Don't Have To Do That
BIABH outtake, 1/13/65

d1t15 - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? Highway 61 outtake/error single, 7/30/65
d1t16 - Desolation Row
Highway 61 outtake, 7/30/65

d1t17 - Seems Like A Freeze Out
Hawks session, 11/30/65

d1t18 - She's Your Lover Now
Hawks session, 1/21/66

Disc 2:
d2t01 - The Painting By Van Gogh
Denver Hotel Tape, 3/13/66

d2t02 - What Kind of Friend Is This?
Glasgow Hotel Tape, 5/19/66

d2t03 - One Too Many Mornings
Sheffield, 5/16/66

d2t04 - Sign On The Cross
d2t05 - All American Boy
d2t06 - Nothing Was Delivered
Basement Tapes 1967

d2t07 - I Threw It All Away
d2t08 - Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
d2t09 - Working On A Guru
George Harrison session, 5/1/70

d2t10 - Down In The Flood
New York City, 1/1/72

d2t11 - Goodbye Holly
d2t12 - Rock Me Mama
Pat Garrett sessions, 2/73

d2t13 - Nobody 'Cept You
Planet Waves outtake, 11/2/73

d2t14 - Idiot Wind
BOTT test pressing, 9/16/74

d2t15 - Hurricane
Desire outtake, 7/30/75

d2t16 - Stop Now
Street Legal sessions, 5/1/78

d2t17 - You Treat Me Like a Stepchild
Augusta, ME, 9/15/78

Disc 3:
d3t01 - Trouble In Mind
Slow Train Coming alternate take, 5/79

d3t02 - Yonder Comes Sin
Shot Of Love sessions, 10/80

d3t03 - Caribbean Wind
Shot Of Love sessions, 3/31/81

d3t04 - Don't Ever Take Yourself Away
Shot Of Love sessions, 4/23/81

d3t05 - Thief On The Cross
New Orleans, LA, 11/10/81

d3t06 - Sweetheart Like You
d3t07 - Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart
d3t08 - Tell Me
d3t09 - Jokerman
d3t10 - Blind Willie McTell
Infidels outtakes, 4/83-5/83

d3t11 - New Danville Girl
Empire Burlesque sessions, 12/84

d3t12 - Important Words
Down In The Groove outttake, 4-5/87

d3t13 - Dignity
Oh Mercy outtake, 3/89

d3t14 - Like A Ship
Traveling Wilburys 3 outtake, 4/90

d3t15 - Series Of Dreams
Oh Mercy outtake, 3/89