Bob Dylan Fantasy Acetate

Title: Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Bob Dylan Fantasy Acetate (Track #3)
Duration: 03:26
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

I was sittin' on a stump down in New Orleans I was feelin' kinda low down, dirty an' mean Along come a fella an' he didn't even ask He said, "I know of a woman who can fix you up fast.'' Well i didn't think twice, i just said like i should "Let's go find this lady who can do me some good.'' We walked across Rampart on a sailin' spree An' we come to a door called one-oh-three. I's just about ready to give my little knock When out comes a fella who couldn't even walk He's linkin' an' a-slinkin', couldn't stand on his feet An' he moaned an' he groaned an' he shuffled down the street. Well, out of the door there comes another man He couldn't even talk an' he couldn't even stand He moaned an' he groaned an' he shuffled his feet An' he slid slidin' backwards down on Rampart street. Well, i peeked thru the key hole an' comin' down the hall Was a long legged man who could hardly crawl He had a terrible mean look in his eye Like he'd just fall to burn, he's was ready to die. Well somebody else with his hell of a miss Fell out of the window an' he fell the test Well he slid an' he slunk in broken french An' he looked like he'd been thru a monkey wrench. Well, by this time i was a-scared to knock I was a-scared to move, i's in a state of shock I hummed a little tune an' i shuffled my feet An' i started walkin' backwards down Rampart street. Well, i got to the corner i tried my best smile I turned around the corner an' i ran a bloody mile Man, i wasn't around for to meet my wife I's just a-runnin' for to save my life. Well, i's coughin' in my ears an' wheezin' in my chest I musta run a mile in a minute or less I tripped on a log an' i flumped on a stump I caught a fast freight train with a one-arm jump. So if you're travellin' down Louisiana way An' you're feelin' kinda lonesome an' you need a place to stay Man, you're better off in your misery Than to tackle that lady in one-oh-three.