Together Through Life

Title: Forgetful Heart
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Together Through Life (Track #5)
Duration: 03:42
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Lyrics (stolen from "Maggie's Farm"): FORGETFUL HEART Forgetful heart Lost your power of recall Every little detail You don’t remember at all The times we knew Who would remember better than you Forgetful heart we laughed and had a good time, you and I It’s been so long now you’re content to let the days go by When you were there you were the answer to my prayer Forgetful heart we loved with all the love that life can give What can I say Without you it’s so hard to live Can’t take much more Why can’t we love like we did before Forgetful heart like a walking shadow in my brain All night long I lay awake and listen to the sound of pain The door has closed forevermore If indeed there ever was a door