2010-03-15 Osaka, Japan

Title: Jolene
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: 2010-03-15 Osaka, Japan (Track #16)
Duration: 04:44
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Lyrics (stolen from Maggie's Farm"): JOLENE Why It's coming down high street walking into Third If it ain't a dead man's rise I die she's the one, Jolene , Jolene Baby I am the king and you're the queen Well it’s a long old highway that don’t ever end I got a Saturday Night Special, I’m back again I’ll sleep by your door, lay my life on the line You probably don’t know but I’m gonna make you mine Jolene, Jolene Baby I am the King and you are the Queen I keep my hands in my pocket, I’m movin’ along People think they know, but they’re all wrong You're something nice, I’m gonna bet my dice I can’t say I ever paid the price Jolene, Jolene Baby I am the King and you is the Queen Well I found out the hard way, I’ve had my fill came by somebody with his luck too afield Those big brown eyes, they set out for spark If you hold me in your arms, things don’t look so dark Jolene, Jolene Baby I am the King and you're the Queen