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How Did You Come To Love Dylan?
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My Dylan history goes back to the 1960s. As a child of a very young mother (16 years old when she had me) she was getting caught up in the counterculture lifestyle after leaving my Dad.
She became a big fan of Bob Dylan and I was exposed to his music at a young age.
She also liked CSN, Neil Young and CSNY. In 1973 when I started learning guitar it was the music of Neil Young, not Bob Dylan, that inspired me to learn.
That's not to say I didn't like Bob's music as much but I found Neil Young was a better fit for my style of playing.
So I know a ton of Neil Young songs and other claasic rock songs that I play.

I never approached Dylan or The Beatles. About 3 years ago I bought a very good Beatles songbook and streted learning their stuff and found it came pretty fast.
So now I have tackled my first Dylan song, Tangled Up In Blue, and recorded it unrehearsed and actually quite inebriated.
The response has been pretty good to it so this may encourage me to learn more Dylan.

Dylan's songs are definitely part of the soundtrack of my life for sure.
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Awesome posts folks! I never tire of hearing these stories. Keep it up!

Pete "The Walrus" @
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My great love of the master started way back in 1976, (Bare with me because I'm not much of a writer) Anyway I was 11 yrs old. skipping school and had the house to myself, I snuck into my older sisters room to play her LP's, I say snuck because she would have killed me if she knew, May she RIP.

Anyway as I was flipping through them I ran across a LP with a cool looking guy on the cover with some wild cloths on. I said to myself, I'll bet this would be a good one to spin, So after picking a hand full of LP's out I sat down and god forbid I also played her stereo. The First one I played was the one I just mentioned. It turned out to be DESIRE !!!

The first song was Hurricane, I was immediately blown away !!! Then of course Isis > Mozambique And so on. As the LP kept spinning it got better and better and better. Until the grand finial SARA, I must say I never played any of the others that day, Because I played DESIRE over and over again. Being a brand new LP for that year. I'm sure I got the best of that one before she did.

After that when I had my own money, I started to buy everything he had out up until that time, The first one I bought was SHOT OF LOVE, Then I would purchase the new ones the day they arrived in the stores. and have since.

Then to jump way forward to 1991, I found out just what BOB was all about, Because that's the year when I felt my first heart break. Then I realized what what all thoses great love songs were all about. Like Blood on the tracks and wedding song and dirge from PLANET WAVES And so on. I must say BOB pulled me out of a deep depression with those gems.

After seeing BOB THE MASTER live 64 times in eight states since 1989 I must say this has to be my all time favorite show in my home town.

11/02/94 Roanoke Civic Center Auditorium - Roanoke, VA

Seņor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
All Along The Watchtower
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Tangled Up In Blue
Man In The Long Black Coat
Mr. Tambourine Man
Gates Of Eden
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
God Knows
I And I
Maggie's Farm
What Good Am I?
It Ain't Me, Babe

When the band finished "Jokerman", it went very quiet. As the band started playing "Senor" (tales of Yankee power), it seemed like I was the only one in the crowd who knew what was being played next.
So, I yelled out Senor! very loudly and as soon as I did, Bob and Tony looked over at me in the 4th row and smiled.
From that point on Bob stared at me for the rest of the night. We were singing every word to each other eye too eye every song. The funny part was however, that Bob kept changing the lyrics around - I guess to mess me up. Every time he did this, he and Tony kept laughing at me. It was the high point out of all my Dylan Shows.
Thanks Bob for one of the best times of my life !!!!!!!
You're the best !!!!!!
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Dylan Addict

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Post Your Story Bobme1 Reply with quote
For someone who you say can't write, you told your story beautifully. The part about the Bob contact was a joy. What a memory!

Thanks for sharing,
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Another story for you:

Bob Dylan conquered my heart and soul 3 years ago.
It was his 65th birthday and there were shows in radio and TV about him.
I heard a wonderful radio show in the middle of the night with music from the beginning to Love And Theft.
This was a very special situation, I had to get up that day very early to catch a train.
At 3 o'clock in the morning my mind was so fresh and empty that I could listen to him like for the first time in my life.
The music was so wonderful that I had to watch 2 days later "No Direction Home" in German TV.
The film began at about midnight and ended at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning.
It was on a sunday so I had no problems with work or so Wink!

Nice thing, yes, but strange, because:

I grew up with songs like Blowin' In The Wind and Like A Rolling Stone (yes, I have this age).
And I owned at that time 2 CDs of Bob, Pat Garrett (because I liked the film and the film music, not because it was from Bob Dylan) and Blonde On Blonde which I liked for some time.
But I never came to understand some of his texts or never got in a deeper contact with his work.
Always thought that he is an arrogant guy who changes his mind with the wind and mistreats his women........ and can't sing.

After these two shows I felt like new born.
I had suddenly a new topic, it was like exploring a whole new world.
Bought the CDs, the books, the DVDs.

And I never knew how much songs he wrote which are very familiar to me, in his interpretation or in covers.
Lots of my favorite songs of my teen age time were Bob Dylan songs!

And thanks so much to him for showing that English can be a beautiful and rich language!
And for having now songs for all possible situations in life.

And now sorry for my faults and let's hear more stories!
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Dylan Addict

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Cony wrote:
........ and can't sing.

Tehee...that's typically German...

Good to hear that there are (German) people outside who change their minds when they get a (second) chance...even after so many years...

Keep on Bobin'!
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Joined: 07 May 2008
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Bob normally doesn't sing in the smooth way so it makes lot of people say he can't sing...
not only Germans!
Much later I heard Nashville Skyline and other stuff with his non-smoker-voice and learned that his bad voice is the nicer one Wink!

I think now that I had to mature for Bob Dylan's work.
And I can tell you some people need some time to mature...
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I don't know how... every time of life has it's music i guess..

countdown timer
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i read the 500 greatest songs article in rolling stone about 2 years ago i was 17 and saw like a rolling stone at number 1 and realized i'd never heard of bob dylan so idownloaded it and like springsteen said that snarshot kicked open the door to my mind,i never heard anything so emotionally or intellectually engageing before...i was hardly even a music lover at the time.
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Ruben Remus

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Listening to my friend's greatest hits vol. 2 in amazement at the creative poetry/lyrics. We started collecting Dylan's cd's and when we saw him for the first time at Ball State U. in Indiana 1997 it was a done deal. My buddy Davey and I were in the 20th row and couldn't believe Dylan was playing such a small place. Davey passed away in his sleep at age 21 in March 1999 but not before we saw Dylan a couple more times. Pressing On was played at his funeral as Davey was a man of faith too. I still go to see Dylan with friends but will never forget Davey and Dylan's music brings back great memories of times spent. I'm now collecting all of Dylan on vinyl which brings backs great memories of collecting his cd's and discovering great songs.

Ruben Remus
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I started to love Dylan about two years ago from now. My first songs I heard was: "Like a Rolling Stone", "Knocking on Heavens Door", "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Hurricane". I very quickly start to love those songs. Later i buy six Dylan CD's and I just love it. To these day Bob Dylan is my favourite musician and I think he always gonna be.

P.S. Sorry about my english.
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I'm trained as a classical musician.. and had turned my back on all but a passing enjoyment of rock-
was completely unfamiliar with Dylan.

2 years ago (exactly.. October 29, 2007 is my Dylan "anniversary"), I was fooling around on the internet, looking up Cate Blanchett's latest film- intrigued by the wacky sound of her new project but sure I didn't want to see it..- (pretending to be a man, pretending to be a musician, in an avant-garde non-biopic? uh)- and I must have read one too many superlative-laden sentences of praise about this "Dylan person" I didn't know..

so I went to iTunes,
clicked on Visions Of Johanna,
spent nearly 5 minutes? listening to the free 30-second excerpt over and over and over and.. then,
stunned and shaking with impatience, I bought the darned 99 cent thing,
and 121 listens later over the course of a week (including days I, literally, could not leave my apartment without the iPod buds in my ears with this song on! me- who had never used my iPod- hated the tinny sound-)

when I still wasn't "sick of it" after 121 listens (and trust me, I was waiting to get sick of it: that had always happened with pop/rock for me, in the past. no song had ever lasted the first 10 consecutive hearings without palling), I was so amazed. and so spellbound and caught- so hungry for more-
I ordered all Dylan's studio albums online within the next 8 weeks,
joined one of the online Dylan forums
dove into the surprise of a whole world of fans and bootlegs,
drove 6 hours to take in my first rock concerts (May 2008. Worcester and Lewiston),
did things I never dreamed I'd do (like wait on line for 10 hours and run to get to 'the Rail'?!)

I have 7 shows behind me (including using free miles to fly to Amsterdam? me?)
and feel privileged to be looking forward to the 3 in NYC in November--

Dylan's music completely changed my musical life
and has given me nothing but pure joy. deep, transformative joy-

I am now as fiercely loyal to this giant's music as I have felt towards Beethoven's since I was 6 years old--
inexplicable and unbelievable, when I 'think' about it

he is the Electric Orpheus, as far as I'm concerned
no style, genre, time period, tradition binds him.. he surpasses- transcends- re-invents them all

cheers to all the music lovers he has joined here and elsewhere
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Joined: 07 May 2008
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You're welcome, Westwind!
And... better late than never!
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Santa Fe

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Umm, when did I first hear Dylan.... well, when I was a Beatles fan ("Yeah Yeah Yeah") I couldn't stand Bob, too raucous... then an American who was dodging the Vietnam draft (that's right, that long ago!) came to share our flat in London. He MADE us listen to Dylan, and I started to get it..... after all there's only so many times you can wonder about the meaning of "I wanna hold your hand..." great pop song as it is... eventually became so devoted to Bob that I almost made myself deaf listening to Blonde on Blonde at top volume, lying on the floor... I still have that giant speaker. When what is called the sixties ended, I became depressed (withdrawn?) - what could possibly compete? Bay City Rollers? and Bob didn't seem to cut it quite so well, with Nashville Skyline. I didn't go back to the Beatles, but stopped listening to Bob, thought he'd his day. And he seemed to dig his own grave, in my eyes, when he went born again. Can't believe, now, that I GAVE AWAY all my Dylan LP's, including an original Blonde on Blonde!
Years later, must have been early 90's, I came across a tape of BlondeonBlonde. Thought I'd just put it on in the car, old time's sake. It came on at Fourth Time Around. I was transfixed, again, 25 years after first hearing it. The melody, the rythym, the story, the images, and most of all the STING IN THE TAIL. I had to stop the car. How could I have deprived myself of this??
Started a scramble to get hold of all the discs again, on CD. First saw him live 1993, Finsbury Park. Seen him just about every time he's come to the UK since. Play Disc 1 of "Bootleg vol 8" incessantly, haven't even got on to disc 2, saving it like a box of chocolates. From France have picked up quite a few CD's /DVD's not available at home, love my double LP of Hugues Aufray's versions. Sad isn't it! But from Bob I've gotten into all kinds of other things that I never would have investigated, would never have discovered early blues, for example.
Still trying to figure out precisely what is the fascination. I think it's the density of the lyrics. But then there's the combination of words and music, and the music's pretty hot. Music and poetry used to go together, then they kind of split up. I think Bob's re-invented a really ancient art-form. Meanwhile, I've still got Disc 2 of Bootleg 8 to look forward to.
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