Moving Woes!

I am SO SORRY for the downtime folks!! 😭 We’ll have the basic broadcast back up in a few hours, but here’s what’s happening:

The past few weeks have been an absolute nightmare. After the owners sold our building in the middle of a housing crisis, we’ve been scrambling to find a new home. We FINALLY found something, but it doesn’t have fibreoptic internet available… and this terrible DSL connection is unusable for DylanRadio!

SO, I’m putting in an order for a second high-speed internet connection from a different ISP just for our broadcast server and I hope to have full services restored soon. Unfortunately, with all the insane expenses of moving coupled with inflated costs of EVERYTHING, my wife and I are desperately trying to just keep our heads above water. Most of you know that I really hate asking for help, but I’m asking now…

I want DylanRadio to last for years to come, but we’ve hit a huge pothole with this move, so I’m embarrassed to come to you with hat-in-hand. If you would like to help us get DylanRadio back to it’s usual self, please consider making a donation at

AS ALWAYS, please don’t donate if you’ll miss it. As much as I want DylanRadio to keep playing, I don’t want any of you going without a single cup of coffee.

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